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River Stree


MK40 1PX

Tel 01234 328866/327778


Dragon Buffet Restaurant


Copy Right ©Dragon Restaurant 2016

Dragon Restaurant Buffet Menu

·         Last sitting will be 30 minutes before closing time

·         Dragon Restaurant cannot guarantee that any particular item will be on offer on any particular day. All ingredients & dishes are subject to availability & seasonal and also some special dishes may only be available in evenings.

·         Some of our product may contain MSG, Wheat, Peanuts & other Nuts


Dragon Special

l  Steamed Pork Dumplings

l  Warm Chocolate Fudge Cake with Cream

l  Candy Floss

l  Fresh Made Crépe



All Day

l  Crispy Pork with Pancakes, Spring Onions, Cucumber and Hoi Sin Sauce

l  Barbecued Spare Ribs

l  Salt & Pepper Spare Ribs

l  Salt & Pepper Fish

l  Salt & Pepper Chicken

l  Smoked Shredded Chicken

l  Vegetables Spring Rolls

l  Satay Chicken

l  Sesame Prawn on Toast

l  Hot & Kicking Chicken Wings

l  Chicken Balls

l  Lemon Chicken

l  Onion Rings

l  Mini Hash Browns

l  Mini Vegetable Samosa

l  Cocktail Sausage

l  Crab claws

l  Chips

l  Popcorn Chicken

l  Prawn Cracker


Evening & Sunday Only

l  Crispy Aromatic Duck with Pancakes, Spring Onions, Cucumber and Hoi Sin Sauce

l  Spicy Potato Wedges

l  Deep Fried Won Ton

l  Crispy Seaweed

l  Salt & Pepper King Prawns


l  Papadums



Soup All Day

l  Hot & Sour soup

l  Chicken & Sweet Corn soup



All Day

l  Sweet & Sour Sauce

l  Lemon Sauce

l  Curry Sauce

l  Satay Sauce

l  Hoi Sin Sauce

l  Chilii Sauce

l  Hot Chilli Oil

l  Sweet Chilli Sauce

l  Tomato Ketchup

l  Soy Sauce


Rice & Noodle

All Day

l  Egg Fried Rice

l  Special Fried Rice

l  Plain Rice

l  Plain Chow Mein

l  Special Chow Mein

l  Spicy Singapore Noodle

l  Satay Noodle


Main Course

All Day

l  Chicken curry

l  Chicken with Black Bean Sauce

l  Sweet & Sour Chicken

l  Kung Po Chicken

l  Egg Omelette

l  Beef with Black Bean Sauce

l  Pork Chops with BBQ Sauce

l  Stir Fired Broccolis

l  Stir Fried Mushrooms



Evening & Sunday

l  Crispy Chilli Beef

l  King prawn with ginger

l  Sliced Roast Beef

l  Roast Chicken

l  Mussel with Black Bean Sauce

l  Crispy Seaweed


Salad Bar

All Day

l  Salad Leaves

l  Tomato

l  Cucumber

l  Olives

l  Gherkins

l  Beetroot

l  Salad Cream

l  Honey Mustard Dressing

l  Thousand Island Dressing



Dragon Special

l  Warm Chocolate Fudge Cake with Cream

l  Candy Floss

l  Fresh Made Crépe


All Day

l  Variety of Ice cream (Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Mint)

l  Variety of Cakes

l  Vanilla Fudge

l  Cheese cake

l  Fruit Flavored Jelly

l  Fruit salad

l  Toffee apple

l  Churros


Evening & Sunday

l  Chocolate Fountain

l  Marshmallow

l  Profiteroles with Chocolate Sauce

l  Mini Black Forest Rolls

l  Eton Mess

l  Mini éclairs

l  Fresh Melon (Seasonal)

l  Fresh Water Melon (Seasonal)